Sunday, June 18, 2006

Boston Pride Kicked Ass

Oh my lord I had such a great time this weekend. So much so that I am still reliving the entire thing over and over again with a giant smile on my face. Pride here in NYC while its huge, I really got a sense of community and family in Boston that is missing in the NYC scene.

The weekend started with Michelle bumping into someone she hadn't seen in many years and somehow we ended up on the same bus.

Friday's performances were incredible and I was most impressed by a new band who basically did their first performance that evening and the singers voice carried all the way to the back where I was and gave goose bumps.

Saturday, we missed the parade. It was raining and we were a bit beat from the 6 hour bus ride (heavy traffic) and then going directly to the center. After a wee bit of shopping (lol, just a wee bit) we took a little nap and then got ready for the boat. And I loved it. I finally had my Bradshaw moment ( Azizi you know what I'm talking about).

Ms. Devinesoul rocked the house so much so that even I had to take my heels off and get down. Ok who am I kidding I took those suckers off earlier on but you get what Im saying.

Sunday was the block party and by this point I felt so relaxed after seeing the same people all weekend. Everyone was so kind and even my uptight ass was able to just relax, mingle, and dance in the street.

Thank you to all who made it possible. My wife who is an amazing woman, Nubia for being such a gracious hostess ( I still believe she introduced me to the entire GLBT community Saturday night) and Azizi for jumping on that bus to come hang out for the night.

To all the friendly faces I met over the weekend thank you for being so kind and welcoming. Hopefully we can stay in touch and perhaps see you for pride here next weekend.

Cheers and much love

Mss. Syren D'mandz


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